If you are interested in buying Gear wheels / parts with splines, please contact us. We make splines both inside and outside.

We can do almost everything within machining, so please contact us for more information or to recieve an offer from us.

Managing director:
Knut Harald Kalvatn
Phone: (+47) 70067429
Mobile: (+47) 48116058
E-mail: knut@amecoas.no

Ameco AS
Leitevegen 27, 6160 Hovdebygda, NORWAY


We can produce Gear Wheels in all modules up to module 18 and a diameter at 1000mm. Splines are produced in all dimensions for the following standards:

  • DIN 5480
  • DIN 5482
  • NF22141

Gear Wheels and Spleins outside those standards can also be produced with special tools.